Take Control of Your Life


YES, you!

You are powerful beyond measure.

It is ok if you have been lost before. If you let fear rule your life. If opinions of others kept you from stepping into your greatness.

But it is time to wake up.

Today is a new day, and if you CHOOSE also a new life.

You get to decide right now who you want to be. Not Monday, not next month.

Ask yourself: How would the best version of you live this day? What would you do? Say? Wear? Eat?

It all begins with believing you are worth it.

Believing that you are capable of anything you set your mind to.

Stop using the excuse that you don’t have time. You have time you are just CHOOSING to spend the time doing other things.

Wake up an hour earlier. Go to bed an hour later.

Success is choosing between what you want right now and what you want most. Do not let those temporary pleasures derail you from your dreams.

Imagine your dreams in detail. Write it down. Make a vision board. Your personal vision will keep you in the game when things become difficult.

Challenge yourself to dream big and recognize the greatness within yourself.

Start taking care of your mind, body and soul.

Make yourself a priority.

If you can’t take care of yourself you have a 0% chance of success in other areas of your life. You must always come first.

Work out, fuel your body properly, smile, tell yourself how damn badass you are. If you have to put sticky notes around your house reminding yourself that

you’ve got this.

Remember, you are creating your reality right now. This very moment.

You are the only person in charge of what happens next. You, and only you hold the key to the next chapter.

You MUST stop procrastinating.

You must take action right now and create a vision that fires you up and propels you to the future life you want. The life you deserve. The life you dream of.

You need to own what you do, or what you don’t do.

Take ownership of your actions then go out and create the destiny you want, not the one you default on.

Remember that life is never happening to you, it is happening for you, but it is up to YOU to take action.

IF you cannot be the person you want to be right now, in this second, you don’t have a why that is strong enough.

And if you don’t have a why that is strong enough right now you won’t have a strong enough why on Monday. Or next month.

There is no bolt of lighting. No magic moment.

There is just this moment. The now.

Do not leave todays version of you to random chance. Choose who you want to be.

Choose your destiny.

Then, start living your life according to THAT version of you.

And, if you worry about how far you have to go remember that every great tree started as a seed. Stop waiting to plant your seed.


Ashley Eve- Health&Mindset Coach

My Mission- Holistic Healing for Anxiety

As someone that has, previously, suffered from chronic anxiety and depression my mission is to help adult women overcome chronic worry, stress and anxiety holistically.

In the depths of my depression and anxiety I still had a dream. A vision for a better life. I would lie on the couch complaining that I didn’t have that vision. Depressed due to things I had, or had not, done in the past. Decisions I labeled bad or good. “How could I have been SO stupid to move for that job…”, “Why did I not take that opportunity when it came up… That would have been ME living that life!”, the thoughts pulled me down like an anchor. And I was anxious about the future. Oh, was I anxious. Anxious to the point I pulled at my hair, my hair fell out and I broke out into full blown adult acne. I also won a night at a sleep clinic due to full blown insomnia. I couldn’t sleep to save my life. I was exhausted.

I was medicated on and off for anxiety. I tried therapy, and while I am a huge advocate for seeking the assistance of a therapist and using medication to support recovery, there was still something missing.

No matter how many medications I used my mindset didn’t change. I was still emotional eating Harvey’s deep fried pickles and eating a full bag of chips a night, often to the point where my heart hurt from the binge eating. I KNEW I should workout. I KNEW I should eat better. I KNEW the choice was mine.

Hell, I WAS a counsellor! I knew the ways to improve my mindset, the holistic approaches I could take, but is it ever hard to get off the couch and get started. It feels like you are stuck in quick sand, and it is exhausting just trying to pull yourself out.

One night, locked in the bathroom by myself, crying on the cold floor I decided enough was enough. You see, to change our lives we need either inspiration or desperation. I was desperate. I knew the path I was going down and it wasn’t good. I committed to changing my life… But tomorrow. How often do we say tomorrow?

The universe heard my call and responded, as she always does. I was mindlessly scrolling Instagram and I saw a post about an online coaching opportunity. It was the kick in the pants I needed to get my life on track, and did I ever. I took it for the sign it was and jumped all in. My financial reality changed, I am building a life I am proud of, my vision board is consistently having big ticket items crossed off and, the most important, I LOVE my life! I incorporate self development into my everyday reality and between that, the endless possibilities this opportunity presented AND the amazing tribe of women I have met I am but a shadow of my previous self, and that is something to celebrate.

Is this to say I never have bad days? Of course not. Anxiety and depression will lurk in the shadows, waiting for a chance to try and pull me back down. The difference is now it is but a fleeting feeling. A tug I feel that I promptly kick in the face. Through taking a holistic approach to healing I am off my anxiety medication and living my best life.

I am such a firm believer in a holistic, whole person approach, to dealing with anxiety. The research is endless on the benefits, and here is some research to help you understand how essential it is for you to start an exercise program to help overcome your anxiety:

The problem? It can be SO hard to get started. That is why I am so passionate about coaching people through this time in their life. Had I not found my tribe, and found this coaching opportunity, I would still be wasting my life away medicated on my couch complaining about how things never go right for me.

My mission, boiled down, is to help women reach their true potential. And living in the suck. Living in the poor habits that have created anxiety for us. That have created depression. That is not a way to step into our greatness. What got you there, won’t get you here. You have to do things you have never done to achieve greatness you have never achieved.

I want every woman to wake up in the morning and think “How effing great am I?”, “Man, I am a damn Rockstar!” and hit the ground running chasing their dreams and goals. No obstacles is too great. No setback too large. You are on a mission to a greater life and I want to guide you there.

I am so proud to offer the programs I currently use to help you in your journey. I know they will transform your life, and I can’t wait to bring you the SOS Method: Holistic Healing to Chronic Stress and Worry, in the coming months.

For now, know I am here when you are ready to start. I am here when you are ready to step into your greatness. I am here when you hit either inspiration or desperation. I am simply here. Let’s do this, together.



How to Manifest $100 in 24 hours

I get it, you want to change your life. You want to get fit. You want to join my team and start your own online business. You can just feel the sense of pride knowing you are changing someone’s life and setting yourself up for financial freedom!!! You can see the house of your dreams in intricate detail.

Or, you want to start the cupcake bakery of your dreams! Oh, you can just smell the cooking cupcakes and you can visualize your first customer walking through the door as the bell dings, to alert you that your first customer walked in! But…..

You don’t have the money.

Suddenly you are sucked back to reality and your dreams seem like a distance memory, obscured by fog and trees.

Damn money.

I mean, how can you start a business, get started with your fitness journey or bake cupcakes when you don’t have the money. And, I do understand. I have been there. I certainly wasn’t born into money. Heck, I declared bankruptcy in my early 20’s.

But, let me tell you the biggest secret that is going to unlock new levels to your life: What you focus on expands. If you focus on being broke as a stray dog, you will be broke as a stray dog and you will ONLY see the lack.

BUT if you focus on attracting money. believe it or not, you will find ways to bring money to you. Money is simply energy, and you can attract energy.

Look, it is just as easy to believe we are giant sucking things as it is to believe we are magical creatures of unlimited potential. Which one do you want to believe? The choice really is yours.

I mean here is a reality check: If you had to come up with $100 TODAY to save the life of your dog would you? If your phone took a swim in the washer and no longer worked how long would it take for you to manifest the $800 to replace it? I wager only as long as it takes to get to the store.

You see, the problem is never lack of resources. The problem is lack of resourcefulness.

And, if you say “Well, starting my own business or getting fit isn’t as important as the fancy new phone being released by Huawei”, well, then you have your answer on why your health sucks, you are one corn dog away from a heart attack and why you are stuck in a job you hate. We will FIND A WAY when things are important to us.

Without further ado here is your starting place for attracting $100 today.


Do the Gary V Challenge! This man is a genius and he will show you that $100 is just the tip of the iceberg.

This is the start to your new life, my friend.


To get money you must have positive money mantras. So, immediately drop the “Money sucks”, “I will always be broke”, “Good things never happen to me”, pathetic untrue mantras. Adopt a new money mantra.

And, also drop the sideways glare! I promise, it works!

Here are a couple to get you started:

  1. I love money because it allows me to travel.
  2. I am grateful for money because it gives me a roof over my head.
  3. I attract money through my success mindset.
  4. I have all the money I need to accomplish my goals.

This is where I will lose people, and I understand that. When I first heard about the law of attraction I was a counsellor. We were going through Neuroplasticity training and I legitimately thought people had lost their mind. In a huff I sarcastically uttered “Ya, and I want a million dollars… You don’t see me winning any lottery!”. The problem is we often come from that mindset: lack. We are pissed at money and convinced we will always be broke. Negativity only attracts more negativity.

I spent a lot of years jealous about people lucky enough to have a horse from Blazing Colours Farm. For 5 years I spent every spring thinking “I wish I could have one of her horses”, “I am too broke to ever afford a horse from that farm”, “Oh, how nice it must be to be born into money”. And, for 5 years I couldn’t afford a horse from her farm.

In 2018 I accepted the law of attraction and decided come hell or high water, I get one shot on this floating rock, I am going to make it count, damnit! I emailed the owner of the farm and asked about a breeding. At the time I was making barely above minimum wage and already had 2 horses. There was nothing about me that screamed “You can afford a horse from that farm”. In fact, looking at me you would have thought “Is this girl actually insane?!”. My husband thought I was, that is for sure! But I knew I could attract the money into my life to make it happen!

I started applying to jobs like applying to jobs was my job! I got turned down by all of them, which was probably good because none of them allowed me enough to pay my new bills and, well, you know, eat! Then. The final place called. Not only was I offered the job but it allowed me to make payments on the baby AND eat! Que singing chorus of angels!

I share this because I WASTED 5 years feeling too sorry for myself to take action. 5 years.

If there is a will, there is a way. If you WANT something you WILL find a way.


Write down the 5 most common limiting beliefs you, or your friends, use to talk about money. Then immediately write down why that is not true.

When you write down how silly your beliefs actually are it gives you power to overcome them!



If I told you that I would give you a million dollars if you found a way to make $100 within the next 24 hours, would you? Yes, you would. You would sell items lying around your house, offer to shovel driveways/ cut lawn, pick up overtime at work… You would do what it took to come up with $100!

Put What You Learned Together!

I would be happy to go into more detail on how to GET RICH (not quick but get rich!) living your dream but I want to start with changing your perceptions about money. And that is all these steps are about. Reframing your mindset around money and helping you get resourceful to find the money!

Also, the way you view things has a profound effect on what you bring into your life. If you saw these steps and rolled your eyes and snickered, I feel bad for you because you will be stuck in the same ho-hummery I was stuck in for 5 years, wishing for something better but refusing to take action because ” Good things don’t happen to me”, “I will always be broke”, etc. Sure, food dulls the pain but only for so long, especially when you start to ALSO feeling sorry for yourself because of the weight you have gained!

Until you realize what you can and can’t afford is all in your mind you will not realize your true potential, because, let’s face it everything requires money! You can either be addicted to results of your drama. Choose results.

And to end, I want you to finish this sentence:

I am grateful for money because _______.