Coach Ashley

Personal Training

Ashley is a long time certified personal trainer with over 10 years of experience helping women reach their competitive goals.

Ashley was a competitive CrossFit athlete, as well as Crossfit coach, works with equestrians, runners, obstacle course racers and a vast array of women looking to achieve a physical goal.

Ashley’s focus is helping women conquer self doubt and fear so they can realize their supreme level of badassery. There is nothing like cheering a client on as she crosses the finish line at her first 5 km race or enters her first Tough Mudder.

Success= your dreams + fear + doing it anyway.

Mindset Coaching

To further add to Ashley’s impressive resume she offers mindset coaching for women that have trouble staying motivated while trailblazing towards their dreams. Very often the missing link when working towards dreams and goals is the mindset to go with it. Ashley combines traditional Neuro-Linguistic Programming with a tough love approach to help clients overcome self limiting beliefs and conquer fears.

If you have big goals but constantly tell yourself why something won’t work out for you, or why it can’t work, this coaching is for you!

If you have been a bystander of your own life, wasting time being jealous of others success, this program is for you!

Each thought, feeling and action is something you have the power to change. You are creating your reality RIGHT NOW. I repeat: You are creating your reality right now. Is the reality you are creating getting you closer to or further from your dreams?

Ashley has a degree in Psychology and was a youth counsellor for over 5 years. Further, Ashley worked as an NLP coach at an Equine Assisted Therapy program run in conjunction with the Canadian Mental Health Association.

Stop watching your life go by and take action now!

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I used to think that riding was enough and I didn’t need to actually work out…. I didn’t really want to go to a gym because I already have little to no time in my day. A friend referred me to Ashley for coaching and my position improved quickly. I always struggled with keeping my heels down and keeping my heels under my hips. I used to think it was a saddle issue but multiple saddles later I still had the same issues. I work at a desk so it is something I will always have to work at but my riding has improved so much in such a short amount of time. My horse also has the ability to bend equally both ways now. I didn’t realize I was the issue!

Ashley was great and even worked with my horses massage therapist to consult on us as a team! I am now starting Ashley’s mindset coaching because I realized that my mindset is holding me back from really going for my goals… I always think I am not good enough and wish I had the money other girls do until I realized those are all stories I tell myself. My mindset has already improved a lot by facing my fears but I can’t wait to see how far I can go! I know this will effect all areas of my life as well. New heights are coming!


“I dreamed of running the Tough Mudder but thought “I could never do that!”. Ashley has helped me overcome my self doubt and we are working on a 2020 Tough Mudder race! I want to show up to be competitive so I am doing smaller races in 2019 to prepare! The best part is that I am a good example for my daughter. I get to show her that mom is strong and tough and that I don’t worry about my abs but what my body can do. Don’t get me wrong the abs are a nice perk! ;)”


“I first started with Ashley because I was having issues keeping my shoulders back and heels down. I didn’t realize it was all connected and all the driving I was doing was causing tight hip flexors and weak abs. I did her 80 day program that targets booty and abs and it was a game changer for me. It isn’t talked about a lot in the riding world but we are athletes and need to start taking our own training seriously. It makes a huge difference in your performance and your horses soundness”.


“I started training with Ashley to get in the best shape of my life but I also dreamed of competing in trail races. I am the healthiest I have ever been, with no restriction and effective at home workouts! It is also showing in my running. I am more balanced, I don’t get tired as easily and I no longer feel like the underdog. She has also helped me tremendously with form when running which has helped eliminate the nagging injuries I used to get. I wish I had started earlier!”