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Welcome to the Equestrian’s Advantage!!

Believe it or not, I know why you are here! You are in search of improvement on your horse, no matter what discipline or level of equestrianism you consider yourself at. Maybe your horse has had unexplained lameness and you are starting to realize how your fitness plays a role in that.

I mean he doesn’t seem to struggle with leads or bending with your trainer!! Sound familiar?

I bet you find yourself in some if not all of the situations below:

*Fed up with not maximising your horse and wondering whether all that money is going to waste, or in fact are you feeling like you are holding your horse back?

*You KNOW you have to get fit but perhaps you have felt that previously you haven’t had time to exercise and a lack of time efficient and specific exercise knowledge has held you back in your quest for success on your horse.

*One stirrup always seems longer than the other and your saddle fitter has pointed out how your saddle is consistently more compressed on the right side. Maybe, originally, you thought it was because of your horse but now you are realizing you are to blame!

*You are just plain winded. Your horses fitness can get through the cross country course but your position starts to slide due to your lack of strength and stamina.

You Have To Take Yourself Seriously.

I mean, when your friend from work said that the horse does all the work did you NOT get a bit peeved?

If you did then why are you not taking YOUR fitness seriously. You ARE an athlete.

Knowing that you haven’t given your all on route to each of your events plays on your mind, right?

Those nights out in the week before the event, the missed training sessions, the time spent reading your favourite magazine, all when you could have been getting yourself into the best possible shape for the event that means so much to you.

Then the realism sets in, you get a few weeks out from the first major event of the year and realise that nothing has really changed. Suddenly there you are, in the start box, in the pack, next up for your class… and you’re not ready. Not truly.

But why not?

Why is it that this scenario pops up time and time again despite knowing full well that you need to do something about it if you’re ever going to reach your potential as an Equestrian Athlete?

Sit for a moment and ask your self why you haven’t been taking YOUR training seriously. What excuses play on repeat?

Now, ask yourself, would a marathon runner make those excuses? A snowboarder? A hockey player? The top athletes at your sport?

The answer is no, because they see themselves as athletes and treat themselves as athletes.

But you are ready. If you are here you know that you need to start treating yourself like an athlete and, even if you are currently training, you want to further improve your fitness level so you and your horse can progress.

But TIME…..

Fitting in everything you need to do in your daily life can be a nightmare… even BEFORE you have to start taking care of the horses, so adding something else to your already busy day can be tough, even if you know it’s good for you.

And fitting in exercise? “Yeah right” you’re thinking !

Where are you going to find an hour 3-4 times a week plus travel to and from the gym, getting changed and showered and all that ‘stuff’?

This is the power of the programs The Equestrian Advantage offers. They are at home workouts that you can do with minimal equipment yet see powerful results.

We all have time in the day we can carve out to fit in training, it just requires us to become conscious of the time we are wasting.


Mindlessly scrolling Instagram. Binge watching the new show on Netflix. Chatting with everyone at the barn for 2 hours post ride!

There are ways to fit in the things that matter, and I know that getting fit for your horse and your performance matters to you. I will help you find the time.

You Need to be RIDING fit, not gym fit!

Let me ask you this:

Have you ever felt any of these?

*If you improved your posture and fitness levels you would stop hindering your horse and their performance particularly in the latter stages of X-Country rounds?

*Mood swings? You may have experienced many different mood swings due to fluctuating blood sugar levels, through inadequate nutrition. You know you need to improve your nutrition but you have no idea where to start!

*It really annoys you when you feel exhausted half way through a lesson, doesn’t it? You know this is just not acceptable any more, your horses really deserve better, and I think you know that too. It is just that no one has really told you how to fix it, or if they have tried, they just haven’t really understood the demands of your sport.

*You are just ALWAYS exhausted and you don’t know why!

*Or perhaps you are eventer or your equestrian discipline involves any form of jumping then you are sure to want to be stronger in the 2 point position. Being weak here is unfortunately going to detriment your horse’s performance, particularly as you approach a fence and more so as they tire towards the end of the day or event.

*You always feel like you are leaning, you instructor is always yelling heels down, shoulders back or telling you to push your left shoulder back. You used to think the horse was the problem but he doesn’t have problems when anyone else is in the saddle!

Where to go from here?

You’re an equestrian athlete. You’ve given a lot of time to your horse and you have a lot more to give. You should have many years of riding in you yet! You have the potential to continue improving and rising up the levels in your chosen sport!

With The Equestrian Advantage:

You won’t to worry about your fitness levels, well being and injuries affecting your riding.

You won’t have to wonder how to get fit to ride.

You will no longer need to worry about motivation to succeed.

Being in the best shape possible to help you and your horse perform to the best of your ability shouldn’t be something that creates more stress. Let The Equestrian Advantage take the stress, and thinking, out of getting fit!

You are ready to get started! Great!! Fill out the form below so we can talk about your goals!

“So many of our dreams at first seem impossible. Then seem improbable. And then, when we summon the will, they soon seem inevitable” ~ Christopher Reeve

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